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Orange the world (English)

Orange the world – End the violence against women and girls

Orange Day, the 25th of November is the day when UN Women encourage everyone to draw attention to and end the violence against women and girls. One out of every three women experience violence in their life, making it a widespread social issue and a serious violation against human rights. Since the spread of the covid-19 virus, the UN has estimated that the violence against women has increased by 30% world wide. Women in quarantine or who have limited possibilities of leaving their house due to local restrictions, have a harder time seeking and accessing support and help (UN Women, u.d).

  • To expose someone to violence, threats or insults is a serious crime. If you are exposed to violence you can always contact the police at 114 14, they will listen to you and help you make a report.
  • If you are in an emergency call 112.
  • If you have been a victim of violence or if you expose others to violence can always turn to 1177 Vårdguiden.

As a bright and optimistic colour orange represents a world free from violence against women and girls. That's why Jönköping County together with the County Administrative Board, the municipality in Jönköping and other actors want to light up well-known buildings in orange from the 22th to the 28th  of November. The Town Hall, the Munksjö bridge, the County Administrative Boards building, Spira, and Regional Developments office at Klubbhusgatan will all light up in orange.

Many sports clubs in the County will also participate and spread the Orange message in different ways. For instance they will be playing with orange captain armbands during the period 25th of November to the 10th of December.

Here you can find support as a woman

There are many different women shelters that offer support and help based on your needs. For example, help to change your current situation or process something that has happened to you by talking to someone. You can get advice and support in your decisions and they can help you fill a police report or help you get protected or temporary accommodation. It can be hard to talk about what has happened to you, but you are not alone.

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